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Online Redemption – Prizm Reserve App

In addition to utilising the Prizm backend system, merchants can also take advantage of the Prizm Reserve redemption feature to facilitate customer order redemption. Through the Prizm Reserve App, customers have the option to partially redeem their orders. 

This provides flexibility and convenience for both customers and merchants. Regardless of whether employees scan the redemption QR code through the web-based platform or the Prizm Reserve App, all redemption activities can be easily tracked and managed in one centralised location, streamlining the redemption process for merchants.

To get started, kidney make sure that you’ve completed the profile settings.

Step 1: Download the PRIZM RESERVE app at the app store to the mobile device. You can also search for PRIZM RESERVE at app store.

Step 2: Upon launching the app, you will be prompted to scan an activation code to activate your store’s branch. To complete this process, navigate to the branch settings in the KLIKNROLL backend and locate your specific branch, which should have been previously designated HERE. Click “Activation Code”.

Step 3: From there, simply scan the provided activation code within the app to activate your store and finalise the setup. This ensures that your branch is properly activated and ready to use within the app’s functionalities.

Step 3: Insert your user ID and password that were previously set HERE.

Step 4: After successfully logging in, proceed to scan the redemption QR code presented by the customers.

Step 5: Click on the “Redeem” option for the specific item that the customer wishes to redeem. During this process, customers have the flexibility to partially redeem their products, if desired.

Updated on November 28, 2023

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