Sales Report

The sales report offers a concise overview of sales categorised by product, campaign, and other relevant factors. It is important to note that this report is not universally available to all merchants by default. Instead, it was specifically tailored for industries capable of utilising the sales report formula. If there are any specific custom-made reports you would like to incorporate, please inform our customer service team accordingly.

Step 1: To select the correct information for analysis, we need the following details: the desired checkout start and end dates, the specific campaign being evaluated, the type of member involved, their corresponding member ID, and whether there is a need to analyse a testing campaign.

Step 2: Now you have the ability to monitor the summaries of your Sales, providing you with valuable insights. Discover important details, such as the highest campaign revenue generated. 

Step 3: By accessing the top menu bar, you can gain valuable insights into potential customers, top sales campaigns, and the best-selling products. This feature allows you to explore and analyse data related to these areas, providing valuable information for your business. Feel free to navigate to the top menu bar to access these insights and make informed decisions based on the data presented.

Updated on August 22, 2023

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