Theme Settings

The theme settings for Quick Order or ecommerce solution enable users to customise the colours and designs of various components within their campaign.

Step 1: Set up the colours or images of the theme. Kindly refer to the RED box or area.

  • Desktop/Mobile Header Image 

Hint: The header image will replace the header banner and overlap it. You need to change the header image for all languages. Hint: Optimal image sizes – Desktop: W1920, Mobile: W640

  • Header Background Colour
    Hint: The header background colour setting will modify the header of the calendar or date-picker as well.
  • Header Font Colour
  • Banner Image
    Hint: You need to change the banner image for all languages. Hint: Optimal image sizes – Desktop: W1920 x H1000, Mobile: W640 x H458.
  • Body Background Colour
  • Body Font Colour
  • Theme Main Colour
  • Section Active Background Colour
  • Section Inactive Background Colour
  • Section Inactive Border Colour
  • Input Border Colour
  • Datepicker Background Colour
  • Datepicker Selected Date Colour
  • Order Email Subject
  • Order Email Top Description
  • Order Email Bottom Description
  • Order Email Header Image

Hint: Optimal image sizes – W640

  • Order Email Key Visual

Hint: Optimal image sizes – W640

Step 2: To hide the header bar in the campaign interface and confirmation email, simply enable the “Hide Header Bar” option by toggle it to “ON”.

Step 3: Fill in Custom Css if applicable.

  • Custom Css: Custom CSS refers to the practice of creating personalised styles for websites by overriding or extending default styles. It allows developers to customise various aspects of a webpage’s appearance, such as colours, fonts, spacing, and positioning, by targeting specific HTML elements or classes.

Step 4: Click on the “Save” button to save your theme settings. 

Updated on August 22, 2023

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