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Partial Refund

The KLIKNROLL system provides customers with a partial refund option, wherein merchants choose to refund only a portion of the paid orders, rather than the entire amount. 

However, it’s important to note that using this refund method will not update the quantities of the order items. If you wish to initiate a refund that involves cancelling items and updating the order quantity, please click on the “Cancel Order” option instead of “Partial Refund” in Step 4.

Step 1: Navigate to the Order menu and click “All Orders”.

Step 2: To initiate a refund for a particular order, you can search for your desired order using either the order ID, the customer’s mobile number, or their email address.

Step 3: Click on the “Edit” icon for the order.

Step 4: To initiate a PARTIAL refund for an order, click the “Partial Refund” button. Again, if you wish to initiate a refund that involves updating the order quantity partially, click on the “Cancel Order” option to modify the quantity instead of “Partial Refund”.

Step 5: Insert the refund information and click “Submit”.

  • Refund amount: Insert the total amount you wish to refund to the customer. If you want to refund the full amount, simply click on “Full Refund”.  
  • 1+9 (Or any numbers): This is a basic calculation designed to prevent errors. Please enter the correct answer (e.g., 10) to verify that you are not making any mistakes.
  • Skip Payment Gateway: Check this box if you want to bypass the payment gateway during the refund process.
  • Remarks:  Use this section to provide any additional comments or notes for record-keeping purposes.

Step 6: Review the details of the refunded order to confirm its accuracy, and consider a “Partial Refund” status as confirmation of a successful partial refund.

Updated on August 22, 2023

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