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Early Bird Discount – Override

Voucher Management System – Override: A unique feature/discount exclusive to a designated time frame. This option is designed for utilisation during early bird or impromptu special promotions. It should be noted that the override takes precedence over any concurrent settings you may have in place.

Step 1: To initiate the process of setting an override, access the dropdown menu of the “override” button situated in the top right corner and proceed to click on “Create by date”.

Step 2: Insert the override details.

  • Booking After: The initial date and time for the booking.
  • Booking Before: The final date and time for the booking.
  • Checkout After: The starting date and time of the override event.
  • Checkout Before: The ending date and time of the override event.
  • Priority: The priority assigned to the override event. If multiple override events exist, enter a number to determine the order of execution. A higher number indicates a higher priority. If left empty, the override rules will be applied in the order of creation.

Step 3: Click the “Create” button. Once clicked, an override bar will emerge above, signifying that the settings implemented will solely take effect for the duration of this override period. Hint: To establish an early bird discount, simply choose the desired date and time for the discount to be active.


Step 1: In this instance, our objective is to implement an early bird discount for a price drop. To set up this type of special promotion or early bird offer, you can begin by accessing the product settings and initiating the necessary steps.

Step 2: Click on the “Edit” option within the previously created product child to access the override setting. Hint: This setting will only be available during the override period. 

Step 6: Complete the price drop information.

  • Listing Price: Insert the original price of the product child. 
  • Discount Price: Insert the discounted/early bird price of the product child. 
  • Discount/Additional product discount (%) : Insert “90” for a 10% discount, “70” for a 30% discount, similarly to other discount amounts, or leave it blank for no discount, and the discount rate will be applied to the “Discounted Price“.
  • Product Service Charge : Assign a specific service charge for each product individually by entering a numerical value. For example, entering “10” would indicate a service charge of 10%, or you can leave the field blank if no service charge is applicable.

Step 7: Click on the “Save” button to save your price drop details.

Step 8: You can also create other early bird promotions such as Tier Discount and Giveaway.

Hint: During the override setting, modifications to Discount Code and Buy X Get Y Discount  settings are not allowed. Price drop discount, special giveaway and tier discount can coexist simultaneously, but the Discount Code cannot be combined with the Tier Discount.

Step 9: To revert to the normal setting, simply click on the text that says “Click here to leave override.” Once clicked, the settings you have made will be applied for the entire effective date, rather than just during the override period.

Updated on November 28, 2023

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