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How to add a Branch/ Outlet

Why need to add a branch/ outlet?

  • Add “branch” when there are multiple outlets under the same premises (e.g., restaurant and cafe within the hotel).
  • You may set separate list of order notification recipient (for merchant staff) for each outlet.
  • The notification to customer will also be sent from different outlets.

1. Select “Settings” > “Branches / Outlets”

2. Click [Add] button

3. Fill in branch/outlet information

[Branch Short Code]
System code for branch identification. For system usage only, and will not be displayed on order site.

4. Notification Settings

For those campaigns with products under this branch, the order confirmation email will be sent under this [Email Sender Name] and [Email Sender Address].

[Reply-To Email Address] and [Reply-To Header] can be used when you prefer your customer reply the order confirmation email to a different email address.

[Order confirmation Email list (BCC] Order confirmation emails will be sent to the addresses listed in BCC.

4.1 Auto Order Report

Enable this option will be giving you an email for order reports automatically in mid-night for the coming booked orders.

> click [Save] button

*branch information e.g. phone number, opening hours, parking will be shown on the branch selection page.

*Customer who booked the services of this branch will receive a confirmation email.  The email setting has to be done here:

Email from address, i.e. Sender Email

Email from name i.e. Sender Name

Email Bcc i.e. Copy of the customer’s confirmation email to the entered email address

Please remember to edit both languages
App activation code:
Each branch will have a unique code to activate the Ipad redemption app.