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Discount Code Setting

Available module: Goodies

Select the [Discount Code] tab

1.Fill in basic information of the Discount Code field

Discount Code Field: please ensure the toggle filed is ON

2.Fill in the actual Discount Code Name

Discount Code: Press “Add” to create multiple Discount code which share the same percentage discount offer

Discount: the actual percentage discount offer (System only support max. three discount offer)

Start Time: the available discount code start time

End Time: if the discount code is only available for a certain date/period, you need to set the discount code end time; otherwise, just leave it blank  

Status: please ensure the status is On

3.Turn on the checking field status, if a recognizer is needed to verify the validity of discount code

Checking field label: Field name shown in the form page

Checking field max length: the maximum length of letter/Arabic that can be entered into field

Checking field description: description of the field which appears in the form page

Custom regular expression: Please use the following coding for different checking field label

4.Continue to fill in other Discount Code field if there are other Discount Code offer different percentage discount, if not click [Save] button