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Add product under group (Standard)

Product group is successfully created. You need to add product now.

1.Click [Add] button in the product group

2.Click [Standard]

3.Fill in basic information of the product group > click [Save] button

Name: appears on the confirmation page

Short name: appears on content listing page

SKU: if there is no SKU, please input a spacing as place holding to save

4.Fill in more information of the product > click [Save] button

Tag: select corresponding tags. If there is indoor/outdoor seating, it is necessary to select indoor/outdoor

Discount: state ‘90’ if it is 10% off discount; 

   state ’70’ if it is 30% off discount;

   leave it blank if there is no discount

Service charge: state ’10’ if it is 10% off service charge,

leave it blank if it is no service charge 

Available days: Check the days available. Please note, final control of the available days falls in the product group

5.When you back to the product tab, you can find that the product created has been listed under the product group.

6.After adding all product groups (with corresponding products) and finishing discount/quota setting, you can click [Preview] to check.

7.If the preview link is fine to go, you can [Publish] it to [UAT] for checking. 

8.After finishing all the settings and checking, you can publish to [Live].