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Add product groups

1.Select the Products tab

2.Click [Add] button

3.Fill in product group name > click [Save] button

4.Fill in basic information of the product group > click [Save] button

Available Branches: select the restaurant that the product group belongs to 

Tag: select corresponding tags. If there is indoor/outdoor seating, it is necessary to select indoor/outdoor

SKU/PLU[optional]: it is normally for report sorting/filtering

Opening Hours: appears on the period selection page

Minimum order quantity: the minimum purchase quantity in each order

Maximum order quantity: the maximum quota of each order

Quota Overall/Quota Daily: Normally we will set quota for product group.    

You can either set overall quota for the campaign period or daily quota of the product group.

Or just leave it blank (no quota)    

Available Days: select the availability of the product group e.g.

For weekdays, tick Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri;

For weekends, PH & their eves, tick Sun, Sat Holiday, Holiday Eve  

Sort Order[optional]: It is suggested to assign sort order to the groups to control the order of them shown in frontend   

Booking Begin Time: the available booking start time

Booking end Time: if the product groups is only available for a certain date/period, you need to set the booking end time; otherwise, just leave it blank  

Status: please ensure the status is Enabled