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Add delivery / self-pick up points

Available module: Goodies

1.Select the [Simply Delivery] tab

2.Please turn ON the Delivery status for delivery service

3.Fill in “Delivery point title” and “Delivery Points Price”
a. Delivery point title is the field title shown in frontend

b. Delivery Points Price – Key is the internal reference key

c. Delivery Points Price – Value is the extra price of the delivery point
(* When filled in all “Delivery Points Price”, please [Save] & Refresh the page)

4.The corresponding title(s) is/are generated. Please fill in the title, which is the drop down option for delivery point.

5.If selfpickup is also available, please turn ON “Delivery Self pickup” and fill in the title.



Promotion to waive the delivery charge:

A. Purchase specific quantity to waive the delivery charge

B. Purchase specific amount to waive the delivery charge